The Best Cartridge Filling Machine

hotshot-1500-cartridge-filler-machine for ccell cartridges

When it comes to cartridge filling machines, there’s a lot of options on the market. We at CoolJarz know our favorite cartridge filler but to figure out which one fits best for you, you’re going to want to ask yourself a number of questions.

Some of these questions may be for one, what is my budget? How many cartridges do I need to fill a day? Does my type of oil work with this machine? These are just a few things to think about when choosing your oil filler machine.

Which Oil Filling Machine for My Business?

If there was a best oil filling machine for every business this would be a short article. So let’s go over some of the factors you may consider before purchasing as well as the oil filler machines that fit best.

Price of Cartridge Filling Machines.

Not the most important factor but always the first on our minds is price! If you can’t afford to buy a high end machine you may be limited to more beginner methods for filling your oil cartridges.

Figuring out how much you are willing to spend on your equipment can put you in different categories of oil filling machines you can use for your operation.

Cart Fillers Under $1000

If your budget is under a thousand dollars you’re most likely going to want a manual filling gun. You can usually get these guns for under 5 hundred dollars and they can get the job done if you work hard and long enough. Your labor over the period of one year can easily for for a Hotshot 750 or 1500.

We’ll go over the disadvantages to these fillers in later sections of this article but if you’re just starting and on a low budget and a ton of free time then these guns may work for you!

Premium Cartridge Filler Machines

If you have a smarter budget and want to get straight to streamlining your oil cartridge business then we would recommend skipping over the slow, inaccurate oil filler guns and switch over to a semi-automatic or automatic oil cartridge machine.

These machines will end up costing you less in the long run given how much less time they take to fill up cartridges but if you aren’t ready to spend in the range of $9000 then watch the video on how you can make the machine pay for itself.

CoolJarz HotShot Made in The USA


Speaking of efficiency, the best cartridge filler machine for you will depend on how many carts are you looking to produce per day? The reward for spending more on the equipment is usually quicker and easier filling production.

You’re also going to want to think about Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Automatic cartridge filling machines and what are the benefits and drawbacks to each.

Manual Filler Machines

Manual filler machines such as the heat guns mentioned earlier, while they are the least expensive, are also the slowest and most inefficient method available.

The benefits to these filler guns are that they are inexpensive, good for small operations, and they don’t take up a lot of space. They’re also relatively easy to learn how to use. We made our Cooljarz Hotshot so that just about any employee can operate without a supervisor all day long.

There are quite a number of disadvantages to these cartridge filler guns such as slow production, inaccurate measuring, accidental spilling and chance of injury.

Using a filler gun involves filling a heated syringe type mechanism and pushing out the oil one by one into each cartridge manually. This can be a difficult process as it becomes harder to manually get the same amount with each squeeze of the trigger.

The gun itself also becomes very hot and you risk burning yourself due to how close you are to the heated area. Even then, many cartridge filler guns may not be able to heat thick, higher viscosity oils.

Finally, even when everything is done accurately and safely, you’re spending much more time versus a semi-automatic or automatic filler machine.

Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filler Machines

Semi-Automatic oil cart filler machines avoid most of the problems of manual cartridge filler machines and are easier to set up compared to fully automatic machines.

Semi-Automatic filler machines such as the CoolJarz A10 Hotshot simplify the cartridge filling process by automating the amount of oil you want per cartridge and dispersing that amount with the click of a button.

With the Hotshot you are able to set the exact amount of heat for your oil. Higher viscosity oils require more heat to disperse but you also don’t want to evaporate the terpenes in the oil in the process.

Instead of aiming a gun into each individual cartridge, you can bring the cartridges to a stationary needle and click a button to disperse. This allows users to fill about 1,500 carts per hour. Time is money so lets get you on a Hotshot and start making money.

That means you could fill about 12,000 cartridges in any normal work day. However, even if you aren’t trying to fill that many, you do have the luxury of filling whatever amount you do have in a quick and efficient manner.

The downsides to a semi-automatic filler machine is you will still need someone to manually operate the machine. Although this process is much faster with a semi-automatic filler, an automatic filler machine will require less manpower.

Then once again, the initial cost of a machine such as this one is about $8900 so you will need to have that kind of budget to get one.

Automatic Cartridge Filler Machines

If you want to have your cartridges filled nearly automatically, there are machines capable of filling carts by the batch. These machines have many of the benefits of semi-automatic filler machines and automates the dispersion of oil even further.

The benefits to automatic cartridge filler machines can often range depending on each brand. Some machines are capable of filling multiple carts at once, require little manpower, and can overall make the process less tedious.

The disadvantages of an automatic system could be things such as knowing how to program your device for your setup. Some machines make the process easy but then you may have to use their own cartridges.

There are many other concerns to think of as well. Such as letting a machine run automatically also runs the risk of an error occurring with nobody there to catch it.

Do you have the actual space to run a large automatic machine? Unless you have a factory like space, its going to be difficult.


The best cartridge filling machine may be the best for one company but not the right fit for you. We at CoolJarz try to make the cartridge filling process as easy as possible for everyone but even then some methods are going to suit others more than ours. That’s okay when we consider everything we need out of our equipment.

If a semi-automatic cartridge filling machine seems right for you, checkout our options right here.

If you have any questions about cartridge filling machines, or cartridge packaging Contact Us! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

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Ken Loritz has over 30 years of experience in the injection-molding industry. He is the founder of Earthwise Packaging and the popular brand of eco-friendly packaging CoolJarz™, a company that designs and manufactures a variety of custom eco-friendly child-resistant containers & innovative machines. We make all of our products and support large to small companies in the USA.

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