Filler Machine for Full Ceramic 510 Vape Cartridges

The Best Cartridge Filler Machine for full ceramic cartridges

Full Ceramic cartridges have emerged from the market as an upgrade from also popular, wickless metal cartridges. The benefit to ceramic cartridges is the movement away from metal, which may affect the taste of your oil as well as other concerns one may have with metal cartridges.

Ceramic 510 oil cartridges are filled just like any other 510 cartridge so you’re still going to want a powerful machine that can efficiently produce thousands of cartridge fills in a single day with nearly zero waste. One of the few cartridge filler machines on the market that can do that is the CoolJarz HotShot 1500 oil cartridge filler machine.

Fill Thousands of Ceramic Cartridges a Day

Ceramic cartridges may be the new wave for oil carts so your filler equipment should stay up to date as well. Old oil filler machines are either too slow or malfunction often, wasting material.

The HotShot cartridge filler has a semi-automatic design made for speed and precision. We’ve automated the hard parts of oil filling so you can quickly do the easy ones with less risk of things going wrong.

All you’ll need to do is adjust the settings to the size shot you would like per click, place the cart under the filling needle, and click, your cartridge is filled.

The HotShot also allows users to take the ceramic carts often packaged within Styrofoam blocks and fit them perfectly into our speed tray for quick filling. So quick, you can fill a single cartridge in less than a second with the click of a button.

Any Oil, Any Ceramic Cartridge

hotshot-1500-cartridge-filler-machine for ccell cartridges

The Hotshot’s precision shot sizes are also fully customizable for nearly all common ceramic cartridges. This gives you the option to fill almost exactly how much you want to per click. No more guessing and inaccurate shots!

This cartridge filler can dispense shots from as small as .33ml to as large as 1.5ml as well as anything in-between. Our custom shots feature allows you to adjust how much each tick dispenses in increments as little as .01ml for ultimate accuracy.

This means you can use our cartridge filling machine with almost any ceramic cartridge size. Whether it’s a .5ml Solis cartridge or a 1ml iCell cartridge. These both can be filled perfectly with the click of a button. That’s not all though, cartridges of different material can also be filled by the A-1o HotShot such as metal carts, glass, and hybrids.

This cartridge’s fillers automatic measuring system also works with almost any viscosity distillate as well. The HotShot 1500 is capable of working with oils in the viscosity of olive oil, to glycerin, to honey. Weaker cartridge fillers on the market could never dream of going to viscosities this high.

Our HotShot 1500 is so powerful, it can process distillate oils cut as low as 3-percent terps. You’re getting an all-in-one powerhouse of production and speed when you get the HotShot 1500 cartridge filling machine.


The Best Cartridge Filler Machine for full ceramic cartridges

Full Ceramic vaporizer cartridges may be the next thing in the cannabis oil market and we don’t see them going anywhere. Get an oil cartridge filler machine that can fill these popular carts quickly and in bulk. If you have full ceramic cartridges, there’s no better option on the market than the CoolJarz HotShot 1500 Cartridge Filler Machine.

If you have any questions about cartridge filling machines, or cartridge packaging Contact Us! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

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