What Viscosities Mean For Filling Cannabis Oil Cartridges

What Viscosities Mean For Filling Cannabis Oil Cartridges

The term “Viscosity” comes up quite often when it comes to cannabis oils, concentrates, and cartridges. However, you may be wondering what exactly does viscosity mean and why is it so important to cannabis oil.

Well, Viscosity is defined by Oxford Languages as “the state of being thick, sticky, and semifluid in consistency, due to internal friction.” Something with a high viscosity is often said to be thicker than that of something with a low viscosity. You can already imagine how important this is for cannabis so let’s go into detail.

Viscosity in Cannabis Oils

Viscosity is mentioned often when it comes to cannabis oils because many will often grade higher viscosity oils as more potent than low viscosity as well as many other benefits. However, high viscosity oils may be favored by many , they are also more difficult to vaporize.

High viscosity oils are more solid than lower viscosity oils and are therefore more difficult to fit into an oil cartridge efficiently. This is obviously because many syringes won’t be able to work with an oil that is too thick. However, to temporarily lower the viscosities of these concentrates, we use heat to loosen them up.

Because these concentrates natural state is more viscous than others, it requires more power to heat these oils. There’s more to it though, oils can be easily burned with too much heat so you’ll also need specifically controlled sweet spot of heat for your concentrates to make them viscous enough to inject into a cartridge but not too hot in damaging the concentrate in the process.

Even once in the cartridge it’s not over. Because a high viscosity oil still needs a proper vape cartridge that can handle heating the concentrate without burning it as well. Oftentimes a higher viscosity oil taste burnt not because of the oil itself, but because the cartridge was cheaply made and couldn’t accurately vaporize the material.

Plastic wick cartridges and older cartridges in general are less equipped to vaporize these oils as compared to new ceramic core and full ceramic carts and pods that are proficient at not burning your oils.

A Cartridge Filling Machine for High Viscosity Oils

This same concept goes for cartridge filling machines. You’re going to want a high quality cartridge filler that can handle high viscosity oils. Ones that can accurately heat and dispense a high viscosity concentrate is necessary for these oils.

That’s why CoolJarz created our own cartridge filling machine that can work with cannabis oils with viscosities as high as honey and dispense them much more easily than any manual cartridge filler.

Many automatic cartridge filling machines lack the power to work with high viscosity oils because they must travel through long tubes or their heating system isn’t up to it. The CoolJarz HotShot 1500 instead uses a short travel valve linking its oil reservoir tank straight to its dispensing needle. This leads to less clogs and you’re able to use thicker oils.

This cartridge filler machine is accurate as it powerful. The HotShot 1500 allows users to dispense shots of concentrate oils in specific increments with a single push of a button. One click and a cartridge can be filled with your desired amount of oil. You can see how this could speed up your cartridge filling process.


What Viscosities Mean For Filling Cannabis Oil Cartridges

The demand for high viscosity oils is likely to continue to grow. Thankfully, our technology in being able to use and consume higher viscosity concentrates and oils continues to become better and more commonplace.

If you’re a cannabis company that is thinking of using higher viscosity oils but does not currently have the proper equipment to fill cartridges, checkout the CoolJarz HotShot 1500 oil cartridge filler machine. If you have any other questions about cartridges or cannabis packaging, Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

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