Filling Delta 8 Carts With The HotShot Cartridge Filler Machine

delta 8 cartridge filler

Delta 8 THC has taken the industry by storm. There is just about a Delta 8 replacement for anything you would expect from regular Delta 9 THC products. There’s Delta 8 flower, Delta 8 edibles, and of course there’s also Delta 8 vape carts.

Delta 8 can also be processed into an oil like form making it perfect for vaporizing just like any other THC cartridge. The process of filling this oil into vape cartridges is also the same. This, as we know, can be very tedious in large quantities. Luckily, CoolJarz HotShot Cartridge Filler Machine will also work with Delta 8 extracts and distillates for vape cartridges.

Accurate Dispensing for Any Delta 8 Distillate Viscosity

Delta 8 distillates and concentrates can be filled and used in vape cartridges in the same ways as Delta 9. There are very little differences in viscosity between the two.

However, more heat isn’t going to solve all your problems. There is such thing as too much heat and you do run a risk of burning your distillate CBD oil. This is why the HotShot™ works so well. The HotShot™ allows you to adjust the heat in small increments so you can get the perfect temperature for your CBD distillate without burning the contents.

Heat’s not the only factor though, you need a powerful dispensing machine as well to fill high viscosity distillate at lower temperatures. Long travel machines, with endless tubes often can’t make the cut and air pressure based filling machines are a pain to deal with it. The HotShot™ is built with as little travel as possible and that leads to less wasted material than similar machines on the market.

One of The Fastest Cartridge Fillers On the Market

The HotShot™ isn’t just accurate, it’s also fast. Every cartridge can be filled in a single click of a button allowing for rapid filling of each of your Delta 8 cartridges. And of course every fill is accurate based on the amount you would like dispersed per tick. Also, our oil tank is capable of holding more than 1 liter of distillate at a time. Which is 1000ml of oil. That’s nearly double and quadruple the capacity of those filler guns you see.

The HotShot 1500 actually comes with 2 tanks at purchase. Our tanks can easily be switched out in seconds once one tank runs empty, you have a second ready to go. This keeps your production running smoother for longer without having to refill your filler. This also makes it easy to switch between different strains if you have multiple.


Overall, if you’re trying to mass produce Delta 8 cartridges, this machine is a must have. No other Delta 8 distillate cartridge filler is going to have the speed and production value as the CoolJarz HotShot. If you’re interested in more information regarding the HotShot™ Delta 8 filler machine, click here!

If you’d like to speak to CoolJarz directly about cartridge filler machines, pre roll tubes or just about anything, feel free to Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

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