How to Fill a Bulk Supply of 510 Battery Cartridges

How to Fill a Bulk Supply of 510 Battery Cartridges

If you’re looking to get into the vape pen business you’ve probably seen just how tedious the process of filling oil cartridges can get using only basic equipment. Using a normal syringe may have worked in the past for filling a few carts or pods, but what do you do when those cartridges enter the high hundreds and even thousands per day?

It’s time to upgrade. If you plan on selling distillate cartridges in bulk, time becomes a very precious resource and those manual cartridge syringes aren’t going to cut it. That’s why so many have opted to go with the CoolJarz HotShot Cartridge Filling Machine for their cartridge business to streamline their production.

Fill Up to Thousands of 510 Cartridges in a Day

If you’ve been using nothing but manual cartridge fillers, you probably don’t think that number is possible without some giant factory line. However, the CoolJarz HotShot is much simpler as well as more portable than those automatic machines.

The HotShot cartridge filler has a semi-automatic design made for speed and precision. We’ve taken the simplicity of hand held cartridge fillers, and the automation of big box fillers and combined them into a better product.

The HotShot’s semi manual design allows users to take the 510 carts often packaged within Styrofoam blocks and fit them perfectly into our speed tray for quick filling. So quick, you can fill a single cartridge in less than a second with the click of a button.

Any Oil, Any 510 Cartridge

hotshot-1500-cartridge-filler-machine for ccell cartridges

The Hotshot is able to produce filled 510 cartridges so fast by automating the shot size of each dispense so you just have to click a button to get the perfect amount of distillate within each shot.

Our cartridge filler machine can dispense shots from as small as .33ml to as large as 1.5ml as well as anything in-between. Our custom shots feature allows you to adjust how much each tick dispenses by as little as .01ml for ultimate accuracy.

This means you can use our cartridge filling machine with almost any 510 Cartridge size. Whether it’s a .5ml CCell cartridge or a 1ml Liberty X cartridge. CCell TH205’s and CCell TH2’s can be filled perfectly with the click of a button. That’s not all though, cartridges of different material can also be filled by the A-1o HotShot such as ceramic cartridges, metal carts, glass, and hybrids.

This cartridge’s fillers automatic measuring system also works with almost any viscosity distillate as well. The HotShot 1500 is capable of working with oils in the viscosity of olive oil, to glycerin, to honey. Some cartridge fillers on the market could never dream of going to viscosities that high.

Our HotShot 1500 is so powerful, it can process distillate oils cut as low as 3-percent terps. You’re getting an all-in-one powerhouse of production and speed when you get the HotShot 1500 cartridge filling machine.


How to Fill a Bulk Supply of 510 Battery Cartridges

510 threaded vaporizer cartridges are dominating the cannabis oil market and are expected to for quite a while. Get an oil cartridge filler machine that can fill these popular carts quickly and in bulk. If you have 510 cartridges, there’s no better option on the market than the CoolJarz HotShot 1500 Cartridge Filler Machine.

If you have any questions about cartridge filling machines, or cartridge packaging Contact Us! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

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