Oil filling machines are used to fill cartridges for vapes, disposable pens, or carts. They can fill cartridges with oils, distillates, vape juice, CBD extracts and more.

When choosing a distillate oil filling machine, it’s important to find a solution that is fast, efficient, and will allow you streamline your production.


For high quality cartridges, a stock syringe filling machine won’t provide the production or precision to match your exact ratios and parameters for your distillate carts, You’ll need a customizable filler that can deliver the exact specification of unit within every dose. This gives speed and consistency while filling pods, and cartridges.

Customization is especially important for oil filling machines. The distillate concentrates industry are beginning to choose cartridge sizes that many fillers aren’t capable of filling at the moment. Luckily, our cartridge filler machine has customizable shot sizes within .01ml increments anywhere from .33ml to 1ml for precision filling.

Manual and automatic oil fillers are both customizable options. However, a semi-automatic cartridge filler may be the best option for companies who would like speed and control of their cartridge filling process.


Semi-Automatic filler machines will save you time and money in the production process. These filler machines are more cost effective to use because they provide automation where you most need it, and control where you want. Automation reduces your overhead costs by taking the tediousness out of the equation. This makes your entire operation more profitable because you’re no longer wasting precious time.

Automated cannabis oil filling machines for your vape cartridges removes the concentration needed to fulfill these actions and instead provides ease in use. Each vape cartridge can consistently be filled the same, which allows for a product standard to be set.

One of these semi-automatic cartridge filling machines is fast enough to replace dozens of workers using traditional manual fillers.

The automation of the HotShot’s filling system, mixed with your own pace leads to production levels you never thought possible, leading to an inexpensive cost of production.

Our semi-automatic cartridge filler machines are the best on the market for streamlining your cartridge business, here’s where to get them.

Benefits Of Buying Filling Machines & Vape Hardware From CoolJarz

CoolJarz was able to create a device so in tuned with our customer base only because we are constantly looking to provide solutions to those in the cannabis industry.

Our team of engineers have created everything from packaging for pre-roll tubes, to machines that allow cannabis companies to brand their products more easily. We are the manufacturer of these products and we make them right here in the USA. So, it just makes sense to be experts in this as well.


Our semi-automatic cartridge filling machine will work with just about any vape cartridge we know of. This includes popular types such as 510 threaded cartridges, or Pax Era pods as well. Other notable brands such as CCell can easily be filled with our cartridge filler machine.

The HotShot 1500 is capable of dispensing oils with viscosities anywhere from olive oil to thicker viscosities such as honey. The power of our equipment provides its users versatility in ways other cartridge fillers can’t.


When we say efficiency, we mean it in every step of the cartridge filling process. With one of the lowest travels between our oil reservoir and filling needle, our filler machine uses one of the lowest amount of wasted material when used.

Many automatic filler machines have long tubes often a couple feet away from their filling needle. This causes backups to occur, and suddenly the material is unusable. With the HotShot, you’re using almost every drop of oil where it’s intended, in your cartridges.


We’re also one of the most reliable cartridge filler developers on the market. Our HotShot 1500 has a 2 year warranty on all of its aluminum parts as well as a 1 year warranty on all of its electric, and pistons. If you ever were to have any trouble while using your machine, just call. We have a team to help you troubleshoot. Or you can bring your machine in for maintenance. We want our customers know they’re buying more than a product when they work with us.


CoolJarz is one of the leading suppliers of semi-automatic vape cartridge fillers on the market and we’re experts in other aspects of cannabis packaging as well. If you’re looking to get a HotShot 1500 cartridge filling machine, click here!

Have any questions about our vape cartridge filler machine or about CoolJarz in general? Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

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