The Customizable Cartridge Filler Machine


With so many different sizes and types of Cannabis Oil cartridges, it can be difficult to know whether a certain cartridge filling machine is suited to fill the specific type of cartridge you have. This is even more important when you have multiple sizes or types to sell.

The solution to finding a cartridge filler that will work best for you is either, finding the one that already has all your needs pre-set. Or a customizable cartridge filler machine that can work with all types of cartridges. If you’re looking for the latter, and even the former, you’ll want to checkout CoolJarz HotShot 1500 cartridge filling machine to perfectly fill your cartridges or pods.

Customizable Settings Filler Machine

If you’ve ever attempted filling oil cartridges before you probably know just how tedious the task can be without the proper equipment. This is the worst case with manual filling methods that leave the measuring and dispensing all up to user error.

It’s hard getting the perfect amount each time filling with a syringe. Even when you are getting pretty close to the amounts you want in each cartridge each time, it takes forever to do. This isn’t a problem when you start to automate some things.

Automated Shot Sizes

Automating amounts dispersed and the dispersing itself is an easy way to speed up the process and provide accurate amounts each time. However, the problem many times with automation is that you want a little bit of control to better fir your needs. A filling machine that automatically fills 1ml shots is useless if you’re using .5ml cartridges.

That’s why customizable and adjustable settings are so important for cartridge fillers. Filling machines like the CoolJarz HotShot 1500 are capable of setting the amount you wish to disperse per tick down to the .01 ml. These customizable shot sizes go anywhere from .33ml to 1.5ml. Need to change cartridge sizes? You can simply adjust the shot size through the touchscreen menu of the HotShot cartridge filler.

Multiple Viscosity Settings

The same goes for different oil viscosities. The HotShot 1500 vape cartridge filling machine had three different settings when it comes to the oil viscosity you use, for a smoother disperse. This includes oils with viscosities closest to either olive oil, glycerin, or as thick as honey. It’s nice to have options when it comes to cartridge fillers, choose the most versatile one.

How Well Does Our HotShot Oil Filler Work?

The CoolJarz HotShot cartridge filler can definitely amp up your production in terms of speed. With our cartridge filler, you’d be able to fill up to 50 cartridges in a couple minutes. Spend a single workday with those speeds and you’re filling over 10,000 cartridges by the end of it.

These are consistent shots as well. After adjusting the amounts dispersed to perfectly fit your cartridge, you’re getting the same pour each time you click that button. No more hoping and guessing you’ve added too little or too much to each cartridge.

The automation of the HotShot’s filling system, mixed with your own pace leads to production levels you never thought possible, leading to an inexpensive cost of production. Our semi-automatic cartridge filler machines are the best on the market for streamlining your cartridge business, here’s where to get them.

Buying Filling Machines & Vape Hardware From CoolJarz

CoolJarz was able to create a device so in tuned with our customer base only because we are constantly looking to provide solutions to those in the cannabis industry.

Our team of engineers have created everything from packaging for pre-roll tubes, to machines that allow cannabis companies to brand their products more easily. We are the manufacturer of these products and we make them right here in the USA. So, it just makes sense to be experts in this as well.


Our semi-automatic cartridge filling machine will work with just about any vape cartridge we know of. This includes popular types such as 510 threaded cartridges, or Pax Era pods as well. Other notable brands such as CCell can easily be filled with our cartridge filler machine.

The HotShot 1500 is capable of dispensing oils with viscosities anywhere from olive oil to thicker viscosities such as honey. The power of our equipment provides its users versatility in ways other cartridge fillers can’t.


When we say efficiency, we mean it in every step of the cartridge filling process. With one of the lowest travels between our oil reservoir and filling needle, our filler machine uses one of the lowest amount of wasted material when used.

Many automatic filler machines have long tubes often a couple feet away from their filling needle. This causes backups to occur, and suddenly the material is unusable. With the HotShot, you’re using almost every drop of oil where it’s intended, in your cartridges.

The Customizable Cartridge Filler Machine Conclusion

The Customizable Cartridge Filler Machine Conclusion

CoolJarz is one of the leading suppliers of semi-automatic vape cartridge fillers on the market and we’re experts in other aspects of cannabis packaging as well. If you’re looking to get a HotShot 1500 cartridge filling machine, click here!

Have any questions about our vape cartridge filler machine or about CoolJarz in general? Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

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