What are CO2 Oil Cartridges?

What are CO2 Oil Cartridges

CO2 cartridges are named after the CO2 extraction process that produces the oil they contain. For many, CO2 cartridges have become the gold standard of vape cartridges due to their purity and potency. (via. Klover)

CO2 oils can retain moderate levels of natural terpenes, meaning they contain much of cannabis’s natural flavor and aroma even after being processed. By comparison, concentrates like distillate have been processed to the point that they contain practically no natural flavors and must instead be infused with artificial ones.

How is CO2 Oil Made?

To make CO2 oil, concentrate makers manipulate temperature and pressure to turn CO2 into a liquid. Cannabis plant material is then soaked in the liquid, which chemically strips cannabinoids and terpenes out of the plant matter. After this process is complete, the plant matter is removed from the solution.

From there, the concentrate maker again manipulates pressure and temperature to turn the CO2 back into a gas. When the gas evaporates away, it leaves behind a concentrated substance comprised almost entirely of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The final product is a concentrate filled with natural flavors, much different from your usual distillate.

CO2 Oil For Vape Carts

CO2 Oil vape cartridges are gaining popularity amongst many vape pen users. The combination of moderate terpene flavors, aroma, and THC levels create which create an overall experience while vaping often referred to as the “entourage effect”. CO2 oil cartridges won’t always have the highest THC content but the added attributes more than make up for it for many.

So much so that, CO2 oil cartridges are often sold more expensively than many other oil cartridges. At the moment, CO2 Oil cartridges are seen as a slight luxury item amongst many cannabis connoisseurs due to the unique experience but aren’t much more expensive than other distillate cartridges.

CO2 Oil Cartridge Filler

CO2 oil concentrate consistencies are very similar to other concentrates and can come in forms similar everywhere from a thick honey to a solid shatter or badder. The closer to a liquid form, the easier it will be to add into your vape cartridges although they may need to be diluted if too thick.

CoolJarz has a CO2 oil cartridge filler machine that can easily fill CO2 oil with viscosities as high as honey. Known as the HotShot 1500, this cartridge filler machine can fill thousands of CO2 oil cartridges within a single day.

The key to filling CO2 oil is control. With the HotShot 1500, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature of your oil up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit and can easily adjust to lower levels as not to burn your terps and terpenes.

The HotShot is also capable of filling the perfect amount per shot with the click of a button. This allows users to fill about 50 CO2 oil cartridges within 2 minutes. Not bad, and now picture how many you could fill within a single day.


What are CO2 Oil Cartridges

CO2 is a relatively new cannabis byproduct that has definitely become popular amongst users of all kinds due to the unique experience when consuming it. For those who really enjoy the natural flavors and aromas of cannabis, live resin cartridges might be the perfect choice for you.

CoolJarz are experts in cannabis cartridges and packaging. If you’re a cannabis company looking for a cartridge filler for your live resin carts, CoolJarz’s HotShot 1500 may be your answer. If you have any questions about CoolJarz products Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help!

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