What You’ll Need to Make Cannabis Gummies

What You'll Need to Make Cannabis Gummies

These aren’t your grandparent’s edibles. In this day and age, you can put cannabis in just about any food and a recipe usually isn’t too hard to find on the internet. This includes THC and CBD cannabis gummies. Making your own infused gummies may be easier than you think.

Whether you’re a professional edible chef or an amateur making them for the first time, here’s what you’ll need to make your own cannabis gummies.

What Are Weed Gummies Made Of?

Infused gummies, like most other cannabis edibles are usually made with hash oil or a THC tincture. These are both concentrated forms of cannabis that extracts high amounts of THC from the flower. Hash oil is usually the stronger of the two and will often taste better but tinctures are generally easier to make. If you wish to skip the whole “turning marijuana flower into hash oil process” we recommend just buying the oil.

If you want to make your hash oil from bud, checkout these tutorials we’ve found on how to.

CBD gummies are pretty much only made with CBD oil which is similar to hash oil. Then of course you have the gummy itself. Marijuana gummies can be made in as many ways as regular gummy candy whether that be with artificial flavors, naturally, with real juice, fruit, and even vegan. Granted some methods may be harder to create than others, all these decisions can greatly affect the taste of the gummy.

Mixing gelatin, fruit flavoring, Lecithin, infused oil and water seems to be one of the most common recipes but feel free to change things up to get different tastes and textures. You can find these ingredients at most grocery stores in the baking aisle although lecithin may be near the vitamins sometimes.

Making THC and CBD Gummies

Making THC and CBD gummies doesn’t really require any special equipment although having some can help when mass producing them. You’ll pretty much just need regular kitchenware such as a bowl and something to mix the ingredients with.

Hopefully you also have a stove and refrigerator to heat the mixture and subsequently cool the gummies down. You’ll also want a silicon mold sheet to get the shape of your gummies in the form you’d like.

To dispense your gummies into your molds, you can use a regular kitchen baster and start injecting the liquid into candy molds one by one. Another manual device many candy makers use is a hand held candy depositor. There are even semi to automatic candy depositors available for small kitchens as well that fill gummy molds in bulk supplies very quickly.

Once all of the molds have been filled they’ll go into a refrigerator to cool and harden. Once the gummies settle and become firm, they’re taken out of the cooler to air dry for a bit and they’re ready to go.


Making marijuana gummies is an easy process. Once you have all of the ingredients and equipment on hand, pretty much anyone can do it. If you’re looking to mass produce gummies for a business or company, we would recommend getting an automatic candy depositor machine for faster filling.

If you haven’t tried making cannabis gummies before we recommend giving it a go. It’s a pretty fun process with a treat at the end. CoolJarz are experts in cannabis edible packaging and machines for dispensaries and cannabis manufacturers. To check out some of our stuff visit CoolJarz.com or Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help you out!

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