What Are THC and CBD Gummies?

Cannabis edibles have come a long way since your classic pot brownies. At this point, you can put cannabis in just about any food and a recipe usually isn’t too hard to find on the internet. These edibles are usually referred to as “infused” meaning the food probably has THC or CBD baked right in.

Some of the most popular edibles sold at dispensaries and on the market in general are gummy candies. Infused gummies are great for cannabis because they can taste great, it’s easy to control your portions, and they’re overall pretty convenient to carry.

What Are THC and CBD Gummies Made Of?

Infused gummies, like most other cannabis edibles are usually made with hash oil or a THC tincture. These are both concentrated forms of cannabis that extracts high amounts of THC from the flower. Hash oil is usually the stronger of the two and will often taste better but tinctures are generally easier to make.

CBD gummies are pretty much only made with CBD oil which is similar to hash oil. Then of course you have the gummy itself. Cannabis gummies can be made in as many ways as regular gummy candy whether that be with artificial flavors, naturally, with real juice, fruit, and even vegan. Granted some methods may be harder to create than others, all these decisions can greatly affect the taste of the gummy.

Making THC and CBD Gummies

As said above, the process of making infused gummies is usually just mixing in the hash oil or tincture with the liquid form of the gummy recipe. Once everything has been heated and mixed, they can be dispensed into molds in a few different ways.

The cheapest and probably longest way could be to use a regular kitchen baster and injecting the liquid into candy molds one by one. Another manual device many candy makers use is a hand held candy depositor that can hold a bit more. There are even semi to automatic candy depositors available for small kitchens as well that fill gummy molds in bulk supplies.

Once all of the molds have been filled they’ll go into a refrigerator to cool and harden. Once the gummies settle and become firm, they’re taken out of the cooler to air dry for a bit and they’re ready to go.

Taking Cannabis Gummies

Most of the time, due to their small size you’re usually getting only a small amount of THC out of each gummy. But of course this is relative to eating an entire weed brownie. Most gummies will have anywhere from 5 to 30mg of THC per gummy. Most brands will have these labeled on the package and many states often have a limit to how much THC can actually be in an edible.

We would generally recommend taking 1 and see how you feel after about an hour or 2 and taking more if you feel like upping the dosage. Edibles will often last much longer than smoking or vaping cannabis giving highs for around 4 hours or more.

You’re also getting a different kind of high as well as other effects. Many describe edibles as more of a body high or a more intense feeling than smoking. There are people who enjoy the differences and others who don’t so it’s overall due to personal preference whether edibles are your thing or not.


Cannabis gummies are some of the most popular edibles on the market. If you walk into any dispensary there’s probably a good selection to choose from. It’s also not too hard to make cannabis gummies yourself at home. You would just need the right ingredients and equipment but anybody can do it.

If you haven’t tried cannabis gummies before we recommend giving it a go because I know I love them. CoolJarz are experts in cannabis edible packaging and machines for dispensaries and cannabis manufacturers. To check out some of our stuff visit CoolJarz.com or Contact Us! We’ll be happy to help you out!

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