The Best Cartridge Filler Machine for CBD Oil

CBD cartridges are vape carts pre-filled with CBD vape juice or commonly said “CBD vape oil” Although, the contents of CBD vape cartridges do not contain any actual oil. Many CBD cartridges use popular 510 threading, meaning they’re compatible with all 510 thread batteries and standard vape pens. However, there are also CBD pods, which are similar to JUULs that have a similar filling process.

Filling cartridges with CBD oil is a similar process as distillate oils because of they use the same types of carts and pods as THC based oils. For the fastest, and most efficient way to fill your CBD oil cartridges, we recommend using either one of CoolJarz HotShot 750 and 1500 cartridge filling machines.

Fill Thousands of CBD Cartridges in a Day

CoolJarz HotShot Pro was built to help businesses streamline their production operation by making the tedious task of filling 510 cartridges and pods quick and easy. With our cartridge filling machine, you’ll be able to fill thousands of CBD carts a day with a single machine.

How Does the HotShot Cartridge Filler Work?

The HotShot cartridge filler has a semi-automatic design made for speed and precision. We’ve taken the simplicity of hand held cartridge fillers, and the automation of big box fillers and combined them into a better product.

The HotShot has a user interface that allows you to set a specified amount of liquid you wish to disperse from the machines oil tank reservoir. The HotShot Pro is capable of dispersing anywhere from .33ml to 1.5ml of CBD juice per click of a button. Since most cartridges and pods are usually in sizes of .5ml and 1ml, you can instantly set the cartridge filler machine to these increments for an instantly filled cart with perfect amounts of CBD Oils.

Speaking of the button, it’s true, the HotShot™ Pro has a handheld button attached to our “Speed Tray” that disperses your CBD as soon as you click on it. Placing your cartridges within the speed tray is also very convenient because you’re able to keep them all in their vendor-supplied foam packaging ready for filling.

Also, since the tank is able to hold up to 1 liter of CBD vape juice at a time, you’re not constantly having to refill the machine. Compare that to some cartridge fillers that can only hold 25ml when ours can hold 1000 ml.

Best Filler Machine For Any CBD Cartridge Or Pod

The Hotshot is able to fill hemp oil cartridges so fast by automating the shot size of each dispense so you only have to tick a button to get the perfect amount of CBD juice within each shot.

The user interface of the HotShot allows for a customized amount dispersed per click. Whether it’s .5ml or 1ml, our cartridge filler gives you the option. You won’t have to worry about whether this machine fits your products because it’s a universal one size fits all.

You can use our cartridge filling machine with almost any cartridge size or brand. Whether it’s a .5ml CCell cartridge or a 1ml Liberty X cartridge. CCell TH205’s and CCell TH2’s can all be filled perfectly with the click of a button. That’s not all though, cartridges of different material can also be filled by the A-1o HotShot such as full ceramic cartridges, metal carts, glass, and hybrids.

This cartridge filler’s automatic measuring system also works with almost any viscosity oil as well. If you have other oils you would also like to fill using this cartridge filler, there won’t be a problem. The HotShot Pro is capable of working with oils in the viscosity of olive oil, to glycerin, to honey.

Our HotShot Pro is so powerful, it can process distillate oils cut as low as 3-percent terps. You’re getting an all-in-one powerhouse of production and speed when you get the HotShot Pro cartridge-filling machine.


CBD Vaporizer Cartridges are one of the most popular ways to consume CBD. With new CBD products popping up everyday, we expect wide spread use of CBD vapes only keep growing. Get a CBD oil cartridge filler machine that can fill your cartridges quickly and in bulk. If you have cartridges for CBD, there’s no better option on the market than the CoolJarz HotShot 1500 Cartridge Filler Machine.

If you have any questions about cartridge filling machines, or cartridge packaging Contact Us! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

Got Delta 8 cartridges you’re trying to fill? You’re in luck, this filler is fully compatible with Delta 8 concentrates as well!

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