Vaping CBD e-Juice vs CBD Oil Cartridges

Vaping CBD e-Juice vs CBD Oil Cartridges

CBD has made a recent boom in the retail industry and I’m sure you’re seeing more and more CBD products over the counter than ever. While their are many ways to consume CBD I wanted to feature one of the most popular: Vaping. Vaping has grown popular not only for nicotine and THC consumption but CBD as well.

In-fact, vaping CBD has become very similar to these other two substances in terms of consumption. This is because CBD is usually vaped in either 2 forms as either e-Juice similar to nicotine vape-juice and the CBD Oil Cartridges that are reminiscent of THC oil carts. While both of these are effective ways of intaking CBD, what exactly are the differences and which is right for you? Let’s get into it.

CBD E-Juice

CBD E-Juice or CBD Vape Juice, may be the more popular vaping method for CBD at the moment. CBD vape juice is usually CBD infused into an additive such as vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol with added flavors like you would a Juul Pod. According to “The CBD found in vape juice is derived from hemp. Hemp is the preferred plant for infusion because cannabis plants containing less than 0.3% THC can be grown, processed, and infused into products without the legal restrictions surrounding products high in THC”

CBD vape juice can be bought separately within little bottles for use with reusable vaporizers as well disposable one time use pens. As the case with any vaping, choosing disposable or reusable is up to personal preference although reusable vaporizers seem to be the more sustainable option.

CBD Vape Juice often has a wide variety of natural and artificial flavors added so the taste possibilities become endless. CBD vape juice often doesn’t have any other cannabinoids in it so you may not get many of the health benefits you would from other methods of consumption.

CBD Oil Cartridges

CBD Oil Cartridges are the latter of the two vaping methods for CBD and is similar to vaping THC extract concentrates. This is because the CBD is extracted in similar methods as THC such as by creating CBD distillates, CO2 extraction or flash frozen live resin. CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant we all know, that is referred to as marijuana. What’s left over after extraction is a very similar “oil” which can be dabbed or vaped.

CBD distillates and live resins can be purchased by themselves, within a cartridge, or as a whole disposable pen just as with e-juice or THC concentrates. This form is often thicker and more viscous than traditional e-juice and will also often have extra substances to make the oil easier to work with.

CBD Oil cartridges have flavors based on the the strain of the marijuana plant it was derived from similar to THC cartridges. These strains’ have flavors based on their terpene profile and you can usually expect a CBD Maui Wowie to taste similar to its THC counterpart.

Which Ones Right For You?

Of course what’s right for you will depend on what you’re looking for. If you want to vape a variety of strong flavors while getting your CBD I would go for the vape-juice pens and bottles. If you like that classic marijuana taste without the THC but more of the benefits of cannabinoids then CBD oil cartridges might be better suited for you.

Both are viable ways of getting your CBD intake and sometimes you might be in the mood for one or the other. Generally, CBD Oil Cartridges will cost more upfront than CBD e-juice but in my experience, the Oil carts tend to last longer.


I hope this post helped explain the differences between CBD vape-juice and CBD oil cartridges a little better. We at CoolJarz know a thing or two about vape cartridges as we’ve developed our own CBD cartridge filler machine! If you own a business and filling CBD cartridges is a hassle, you might need our HotShot CBD cartridge filler machine.

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